Threading Services

Threading is the most precise hair removal method to date and the hair even grows back thinner and slower! Facial threading is a highly recommended option for those with hormonal, coarse facial hair, and also for those who use Retin-A, Accutane, and similar products that thin the skin.
Introductory Brow Threading Rate: $10.00
Eyebrows $17.00
Upper Lip $8.00
Chin $8.00
Cheeks $6.00
Forehead $7.00
Sides $10.00
Neck $10.00+
Full-Face* $35.00

*Full Face (Brows and Neck Not Included)




Threading Services

Tinting can help you achieve fuller looking brows and lashes! The results will be professional and long-lasting. Our plant-based tinting products have been specially designed for the sensitive skin around the eye area.
Eyebrows $15.00
Eyelashes $20.00
Combo $30.00



Lash Extension Services

Here at Beautif-EYE we pride ourselves as being the standard in quality. Our Lash Technicians are State Board-Licensed Cosmetologists or Estheticians who have received Master Lash Certification. Beautif-EYE exclusively uses Borboleta Beauty products. Please print and bring the Consent Form linked below to your appointment.
Introductory Classic Full Set Rate: $89.95
Full Set Lashes $150.00
Full Set Hybrid Lashes $179.00
Hybrid Lash Fill $95.00
Lash Fill (55mins) $70.00
Add’l Fill (30 mins) $40.00
Lash Cleaning* $10.00

lash extensions

* To ensure you receive the best lash look, lash retention and experience here at Beautif-EYE, please come with freshly cleansed lashes. Eye makeup, makeup residue or unclean lashes will effect the bonding of the lashes which will result in loss of lashes faster and possible irritation.



Lash Lifting Services

Beautif-EYE’s lash lifting services gives you fuller, longer-looking lashes. Our experienced staff of Licensed Aestheticians and Cosmetologists know how to shape your lashes to maximize the effect for your own personal style and preference. Results may last as long as two to three months.
Lash Lift: $75.00
Lash Lift with Tint: $90.00


lash Perming